Aspen, Colorado

Reparative Probation Project

Anger is a fearful emotion that hides through violence. Anger is a blinding force that needs an expressive outlet where the root of the problem can emerge. People don’t think rationally when fierce anger sets in and problems such as child abuse or domestic violence are unmistakable signs of a need to control anger issues. Dealing with anger and learning effective techniques to relieve stress through anger management problems will make a difference.

The Somali Bantu Community Reparative Probation Project works with low-level offenders and their families by providing legal referrals and counseling support. The project is supported by two committees. The Emergency and Relief Committee and the Problem Solving Committee, each are devoted to repairing and addressing the damage caused by crime and conflict within the Somali Bantu Communities and within the family.

The Problem Solving Committee consist of 12 Members: three male and three female community leaders, two community elders and four religious leaders. They have training backgrounds from the United Nation High Commissioners for Refugees.

Each committee member is devoted to helping those in need through cultural/traditional and religion-based as well as modern counseling

Language: Somali/Maay Maay

The Topics we cover include the following:
Anger Management, Post Traumatic Stress/Trauma, Domestic Abuse/Violence prevention, Adjusting to Change/Life Transition, Family of Origin Issues/Family Problems, Relationship Issues, Health/Illness/Medical Issues, Parenting, Spirituality, Anxiety, Depression and Stress.